Year 4 Music Concert Preparations and World Book Week Work


Year 4 have been preparing for the Key Stage 2 Spring Music Concerts that will take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th March. All school pupils will soon be receiving letters to take home as an invite for family and carers.

The Year 4 contribution is to showcase the weekly ukulele work that the pupils have been working on all term. The Year 4 ukulele orchestra will be performing a selection of the songs that we have been taught during the regular practise sessions.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and plenty of other learning has been taking place across the curriculum. Our current maths work has involved looking at area and perimeters. The pupils have been learning different techniques to help calculate these two concepts.

The pupils have also carried out some very detailed literacy work as part of the celebration of World Book Day at Michael Faraday School. Each class has been handed an image from the Mysteries of Harris Burdick book. The Year 4 photo had the caption of the Uninvited Guest.

The pupils have been studying the image for clues about what might happen in the story. Predictions have been made by looking at some of the objects in the strange image, and then describing these.

An alternative book title has also been thought of by each class member. Plenty of preposition work has also formed part of this learning. This refers to describing actions using words phrases such as behind, or on top.

Year 4 have been introduced to the idea of modular verbs. These have been used in our work to ask questions about the mysterious image that we have been studying. The outcome for this piece of learning will lead to all class members writing their creative piece of writing based around the Uninvited Guest.






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