Year 5 Design Dharma Wheels as Part of Chinese Research Project

Year 5 have been continuing their humanities learning exploring the vast continent of China. The students have been researching some of the historical inventions that the country can be proud of. We have found that these include silk, tea, fireworks, printing, the compass, wheelbarrows and ice cream. Each class member is working towards creating a poster to reflect this research.

Another topic based around our China research has been for the Year 5 pupils to look at some of the Buddhist beliefs. The students have seen how the Dharma wheel is used by Buddhists to tell them how they should live their life.

An eight-fold path is set out around the wheel. Each section explains a powerful message about how to treat other people and our environment. Each Year 5 class member has produced their own Dharma wheel. Some of these thoughts are shared in the video above.









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