Year 6 World Book Day Creative Writing Recording


The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School have been creating some incredibly detailed literacy work based around the shared World Book Day text. All pupils from around the school have been exploring the strange Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

Year 6 were presented with a very odd image of a lady standing over an illuminated pumpkin, holding a large knife in her hand. No other detail was given. The challenge for the students was to try and make some sense out of the picture.

Our approach in Year 6 was to start by brainstorming a story map. This then led to character development. Some complex plot stories were generated as the excitement developed. The pupils had to explain their character motivations, and how these fit in with the overall direction of their stories.

The next stage was for a screen play to be produced. The image of the lady with the illuminated pumpkin was still key to the story. This work will conclude with these screen plays eventually being acted out as a piece of Year 6 drama.

You can listen to a couple of the Year 6 students share their thoughts in the recording below.







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