Nursery Easter Egg Hunt at Burgess Park


The Nursery children were treated to an end of term treat to Burgess Park ahead of the Easter break. This was a wonderful opportunity for all of the children to spend some fun time with all of the friends that we have made since starting at the school in January.

We took the opportunity to use the park trip to recreate some of our favourite moments from our class reading book – Shark in the Park. This tells the story of how sharks use telescopes whilst out in the park.

Some of the children were able to look out for some sharks using the telescopes that we have made. A Nursery Easter egg hunt also took place at Burgess Park.

The children have been introduced to some of the early themes in the Easter story. A tree has been decorated with Easter eggs.

Meanwhile our maths work has also used the Easter theme to help with the counting skills of the children. We have been using Easter eggs to help count up the number line.




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