Y1 Pupils Prepare to Welcome Friends to Toy Museum

The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School recently had an end of term trip to the fantastic V&A Museum of Childhood. We have been learning about the history of toys throughout the term. This was an opportunity to see old and new toys at first hand.

Our learning has involved being able to identify some of the materials that toys are made out of. The pupils were able to see an original Victorian rocking horse in the Museum. We were also given the challenge to mend a modern day robot.

This learning has continued back in the classroom. Each class member has produced their own booklet explaining a little more about their favourite toys. Plenty of colourful pictures have been included.

Our toys topic in Year 1 will come to a close with the setting up of our own Toy Museum. The children have been sorting a vast toy collection into different categories.

Posters have been made to put up around the school. We are looking forward to welcoming other year groups into our class for a guided tour around the Year 1 Toy Museum.







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