Y4 Build Buggy Racers as Part of Science Circuit Topic

The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have concluded their science learning for the spring term with a very practical piece of work being completed. Our main theme over recent weeks has been to learn about electrical circuits.

A variety of different circuits have been gradually been built up. The pupils have been learning how we need a power source at the starting point. A flow of electricity than needs to be created, with a component being powered in the circuit.

This work has developed so that each class member has built their own fan powered electrical buggy. A powerful motor turns a propellor. This creates a small wind current that is strong enough for the buggy to move.

Further components will be added to our buggies. Year 4 will be experimenting to see what impact it might have to the movement of our models if we add in lights or small buzzers.



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