Year 2 Prepare and Bake Easter Egg Nest Cakes


Year 2 have been working across the school curriculum to prepare and bake some seasonal Easter nest cakes. Our recent maths work has focussed on understanding measurements. Our literacy learning in Year 2 has involved the children being able to understand and follow a sequence of instructions.

Both of these skills were then used as part of the Year 2 food tech learning. Working in small groups, the children carefully followed a recipe, and made sure that the right amount of each ingredient was measured.

The recipe that we were following would have created twice as much mixture than we really needed. The children were therefore asked to work out the sum to halve each measurement.

We saw how some of the command vocabulary words that we have been learning in literacy formed part of the recipe. These include instructions such as first, next and after. The end result was some very tasty Easter nest cakes for the children to take home.


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