Year 5 Islamic Art and ICT PowerPoint Presentations


Year 5 have been looking at ideas contained in Islamic art as we come towards the close of the spring term. The students have seen how geometric designs form an important part of this type of design.

This work has developed so that all Year 5 pupils have now designed and created a piece of theatre box art. This is a miniature theatre, with some intricate designs contained inside. The pupils were asked to add a geometric pattern as part of their design.

Plenty of thought also went into the miniature theatre scene. The pupils were asked to consider a suitable setting, as well as some characters to place inside. A torch was then used to view the fine detail contained in the boxes.





Elsewhere in Year 5 and the pupils have been working on some PowerPoint presentations connected to our current science topic of the life cycle. Pairs of pupils have chosen a particular mammal, and then researched the life cycle that is unique to this animal.

A PowerPoint presentation was then put together. Attention was paid to sequencing the slides in the correct order to explain the life cycle. Special effects were added to make the presentations come to life. Each pair then presented in front of their other friends.


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