Reception Children Start Work on New Dinosaur Topic


The Reception children have started their new dinosaur topic at the start of the summer term. Already we have seen a fantastic amount of enthusiasm from the children as they start to identify the different dinosaurs that we will be learning about.

Our early work has involved used non-fiction books to help with this research. The children have been learning about where dinosaurs came from, and how they developed over a period of time.

The children have also been digging for dinosaur bones in our Reception archeology tray. We have been learning about some of the famous people who first started to look for the remains of dinosaurs.

Fiction books are also being read. How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight is a current favourite. It would be fantastic if the children have any other dinosaur books at home that they would like to share with their friends.

This work will lead to a trip the nearby Horniman Museum. A new dinosaur exhibition has just opened, which we are all very excited about seeing. The children will then start to read the book Stone Girl Bone Girl.






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