Year 1 Musical Rhythm Learning


The Year 1 children have have been continuing their weekly music lessons with Sophie as we start the new summer term at Michael Faraday School. Many different musical games are played by the children, each aimed at improving a specific area of musical knowledge.

The children have been experimenting with the chime bars during the first week back. Sophie has been playing four varying notes, ranging from very high to a low sound. Each note has a physical sign associated with it. The children are asked to listen, and then create the correct sign.

The next game involved Sophie tapping out a beat on a wooden block. The Year 1 pupils were asked to listen to the number of beats, and then pass a drum around the circle to match the number of beats that were played.

A second more complicated pattern was then tapped out by Sophie. The class member holding the drum was asked to copy this.

Finally the session came to a close with each class member being asked to choose one of the percussion instruments to play. The children have been learning the different names, such as claves for the pair of wooden sticks.

A group playing session then took place, with Year 1 concentrating on the four main instructions: loud, soft, fast and slow.





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