Year 2 Lost and Found with New Penguin Friend


The Year 2 children returned after the Easter break to discover a new friend in our classroom. A friendly penguin was waiting for the children, wearing a badge saying ‘ I Am Lost.’

We soon discovered that the penguin was here to help the children with their new class reading book, Lost and Found. This is a story about how we can help anyone who might be lost. The children will be writing their own Lost and Found themed stories later in the term.

Our main science topic for the summer term will focus on plant growth. Year 2 will be learning about the life cycle of plants, and what they need to help them to grow healthy. The pupils will explore ideas such as germination and pollination.

Plus a large amount of time will be spent during the summer term on the Year 2 SATS tests. We would like to thank the many parents and carers who were able to come along to our SATS preparation meeting. It was also very encouraging to see the pupils carrying out some SATS work during the Easter break. Thank you for your support.




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