Year 4 Improve Literacy with Lego Therapy Work

Some of the Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been making some superb progress with their regular Lego therapy sessions. As the name suggests, this is an activity where Lego is used as the main learning tool. Staff member Julie has been helping to orgnaise this extra learning.

The work started by setting up a simple construction workflow to build a house. Lego characters were needed to be architects, foremen, suppliers and builders. The Year 4 pupils took on these roles.

Many different learning skills are gained through this activity. The children develop verbal skills by asking for specific items. Maths is also part of this learning with some calculations to complete.

The Year 4 Lego therapy has also developed to involve a wonderful piece of literacy work being completed. Groups of children were asked to think of the characters and plot for a story involving our Lego characters.

Photographs of the setting was taken. A piece of creative writing was then produced, telling the story. Finally a newspaper report of the story was also published by the Year 4 pupils.

You can find out a little more about the Lego therapy sessions in the short video above.






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