Year 5 Prepare to Enter Young Filmmaker Competiton


The Year 5 students at Michael Faraday School are incredibly excited about our ICT work for the summer term. The pupils will be working towards producing a short film that will then be submitted as an entry in the Childnet Film Competition.

A specific theme has been set by the judges for the competition this year: How can we use the internet positively? This is a sentiment that fits perfectly with the Michael Faraday Digital Leadership team that some of the Year 5 students are already involved with.

The pupils have started this project by viewing some of the previous winners. We wanted to gain an understanding of what can be achieved, and how we can hopefully produced even better films.

The deadline for entries is 13 June. Year 5 will be working hard on this project over the coming weeks, with hopefully an invite to the screening of the short-listed films at the British Film Institute.








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