Year 6 Lost Thing Literacy Learning


The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School have started an ambitious piece of literacy work at the start of the summer term. We are using the book Lost Thing to help improve our use of adjectives, and in particular to explore the use of emotional adjectives.

The starting point for this learning was a piece of drama. We watched a short animation of the Lost Thing story, and then small groups improvised some of the key scenes. We wanted to feel how the young boy in the story felt when he had to say farewell to the Lost Thing.

Different literacy activities were then organised following on from this work. The year 6 pupils are building up to re-writing their own interpretation of the story. We have seen that emotions play a large role in the Lost Thing book.

The students have been asked to experiment by adding an emotional adjective at the start of a sentence. An example might be: Despondently, I hugged the boy goodbye. We have also been studying synonyms, and ranking these in order of how powerful they might sound.





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