Nursery Plants, Gingerbread Man and Phonics


The Nursery children have been incredibly busy with many new activities at the start of the summer term. The children recently went on a shopping trip to the nearby East Street market. At the top of our shopping list was some seeds to help us with our plants and growth topic.

Each Nursery child has planted their own seeds. We have looked at how we can care for these to help them grow. Regular watering is taking place, as well as making sure that the pots are placed close to sunlight. We also have other flowers and vegetables growing in the Nursery garden that the children are caring for.

Our main English book for the next few weeks is the Gingerbread Man. The Nursery children have already created their own story based around the main character. The children were asked to think of a new adventure that their Gingerbread man might take. We have also been baking some tasty Gingerbread men in the school kitchen.

This cooking theme will continue in the Michael Faraday Nursery over the coming weeks. The children will shortly be inviting parents to come into our classroom to sample the various food dishes that the children will be preparing and serving.

We are already planning a tasty menu. Items such as fish cake, couscous and cheese pastries will hopefully be baked and served by the children.

We would also like to thank the parents who were able to attend our recent Nursery phonics workshop. The main message was that spending just five minutes each day with your child can greatly help to improve their speech and language skills. You can find out more information on our Michael Faraday phonics page.

Plus do keep on sending in the home photos of your children. These are used to help stimulate conversation, and to share our experiences with our friends. These can be sent as an attachment to eyfs at michaelfaraday dot southwark dot sch dot uk.







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