Reception Continue to Learn with Dinosaur Topic


The Reception children are continuing to be fascinated by our current class topic learning all about dinosaurs. This work has now progressed to look at how dinosaur bones became fossilised.

The children have been working with teaching staff to help read some information books. We have seen how minerals from the ocean were able to soak into the gaps inside the dinosaur bones. This then led to them being fossilised.

The Reception children have been asking many questions about this process, leading to further research! A large part of the learning is to introduce the children to new vocabulary.

Our history work around this topic has involved exploring the three main ages of the dinosaur period: The Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period. We have also been talking about how these link in with the Ice Age and the Stone Age.

Homework has also been set around our dinosaur theme. The children have been asked to try and recreate some dinosaur fossils using some of the materials that we can find around our homes.

Finally it is worth mentioning how wonderful the new walkie talkies are that we have bought for the Reception children to learn and play with. The idea is to help improve ICT learning, but away from a desktop screen environment. These are also a brilliant tool to help with speech and language learning.










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