Year 1 PE Under Arm Throwing Skills

The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have been working on improving their throwing skills during our recent PE sessions. Each lesson usually starts with a warm up. The pupils are asked to make different body shapes, stretching as tall as they can, or forming a very small ball.

With our bodies now warmed up, it was time for the throwing skills to start. Class teacher Bethany demonstrated the best way to perform an underarm throw. The children were shown how our throwing arm remains below our waist, and we use the swing of our arm to give a little guidance.

A games activity was then set up. Small groups worked together on a bean bang throwing activity. Each class member took it in turns to throw underarm three bean bags into a series of hoops, ranked from easy to hard.

Maths work was also part of this learning. If a bean bag landed in the first hoop then 10 points were scored; 20 points were awarded for the second hoop, with 30 points up for grabs on the final hoop the furthest away. Each team was asked to keep track of their own score.

This exercise was also great for teamwork with plenty of encouragement and taking it in turns needed in order to achieve a high score. It was fantastic fun – as you can see from the video above.














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