Year 2 Summer Term Activities


Year 2 have been making preparations for the summer months with the planting of the Wall That You Can Eat. As the name suggests, this is a living wall in the Michael Faraday garden. The children have been planting some seeds that will hopefully supply us with some fruit, vegetables and herbs over the summer months.

Careful thought has been given as to what we can grow in the Michael Faraday garden. The children have been researching which plants are suitable for the type of weather conditions. Strawberries, rocket, radishes, pumpkins, parsnips, mint, tomatoes and chives have all been planted.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our English work themed around the Lost and Found book has been continuing. The children have been working with the combination of and / or to describe some of the scenes in the book. We have learnt how these are known as conjunctions and can be very helpful to add some depth to our stories.

Finally our maths work in Year 2 has involved the children looking at inverse operations. We have seen how this means looking at the opposite action or numbers to help us solve a sum.

An example might be ?-23=10. We know that 23+10=33, so the missing number in the first sum must be 33.


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