Year 4 How To Train Your Dragon Recording


The Year 4 pupils have started reading How To Train Your Dragon as our main English text for the first half of the summer term. This is an exciting book that contains many different fantasy elements. It is perfect for helping the pupils to develop their creative thoughts.

Different learning activities have already been created around the story. Each class member has come up with a character description for their own dragon. The pupils were asked to think about some of the powers that their dragon might have, as well as the appearance and a possible name.

This work has also involved a strong focus on punctuation. The Year 4 pupils have been paying extra attention to the use of speech marks, exclamation marks and full stops. Plus we have also introduced the idea of hyperbole.

This is when we add in a comparison to make our sentences sound even more exciting. An example might be: I am so hungry that I could eat a horse! The pupils have been working on adding this technique into their stories to add a sense of exaggeration.

Written work has also been completed using the ripple effect. This describes how one action leads to another. An example from the story is how a large dragon fight leads to some of the dragons and their trainers exiled from the tribe.

The next task for the Year 4 pupils will be to defend their own dragon. We will be using drama sessions to set up some mock trials. Each class member will be asked to deliver a persuading case to defend their own dragon.




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