Year 6 Samba Band Fun!

Both Year 6 classes are enjoying the weekly summer term samba classes that our friends from Southwark Music Services provide each Friday. The students are able to work towards a qualification which can then be transferred to their secondary school in September.

These sessions usually start with a clapping warm up. Rhythm is key to samba. The Band Leaders make sure that the pupils follow the instructions and work together as a tight samba band unit.

Many different percussion instruments make up the samba band. Each student is given the opportunity to explore each instrument. We are working towards an end of term performance, with each class member playing the instrument that best suits their skills.

Much of the tuition takes the form of call and respond. The pupils need to follow the instructions of the band leader’s whistle. This conducts each instrument and tells us when it is time to play.

It all makes for a very lively session, as you can see from the video above!





DSC05691 (1)




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