Fossil Expert Visits the Reception Children


The Reception children were thrilled to recently welcome a very special visitor into their class to help with our dinosaur topic learning. Our friend Gary visited both classes, passing on his expert knowledge on dinosaur fossils.

Having learnt about the three different dinosaur periods, the Reception children have also been researching fossils and how they can help us to understand more about the dinosaurs.

Gary very kindly brought in his big box of fossils. The children were able to act as palaeontologists. Each class member was encouraged to use the delicate tools to brush away at the sand to try and reveal some of the fossil detail.

The Reception children has plenty of questions to ask. Gary commented that this was one of the best schools that he had visited. He was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm from the children.

Our dinosaur learning will continue in the Reception classes through until the half term break. The children are answering questions such as: what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? We are asking the class members to share a definition of a dinosaur.

Plenty of work has also been carried out on the timeline. The children have been stretching out a timeline in the classroom to show how far back the dinosaur period relates to. There has also been some crossover here with our current maths work learning about the time.

Countdown conundrum games have been played using the large Reception analogue clocks. The children have been introduced to the idea of quarter past and half past.

Finally we would like to share the link for the topmarks website. This is a fantastic learning resource that will help the children with their home learning.



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