Nursery Children Watch Baby Chicks Being Born!

The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School have been handed an extra special responsibility of looking after some newly born chicks. This learning has been part of our current class topic looking at animal growth.

This work has been a shared project with our friends from year 5. Fourteen freshly laid chicken eggs were delivered to our school. Year 5 had the initial responsibility of looking after the incubator, and making sure that the temperature remained constant.

The Nursery children made regular trips to Year 5, to check on the progress of the incubation. Our Year 5 friends were very helpful in helping to explain to the younger children what was happening to the eggs.

And then one morning, all fourteen eggs hatched! The Nursery children were able to witness this wonderful moment. Seven chicks remained in Year 5, whilst the Nursery children were asked to look after the other seven.

We have been making sure that the chicks have enough food and water during these very early days. The children have been understanding how the chicks are still incredibly delicate, and we need to treat them with care.

When the chicks become stronger we will observe them walking around our Nursery carpet. The children also need to think of some names for our seven new friends!

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