Year 1 Start New Geography Topic


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have just started a brand new geography topic learning about the six continents and the oceans that surround them. This is a new piece of learning for most of the children. It has been the ideal opportunity to help increase their vocabulary with some new geography words.

Our learning has started by being able to identify on a map where each continent can be located. Each class member has correctly labelled the continents, as well as stating the oceans that surround each continent.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and our English work has been based around the Magic Bed book. This is a piece of fiction that tells the story of a young boy who finds that his bed has special magical powers. This helps him to go on some exciting new adventures.

Each class member has been asked to write their own story based around the Magic Bed. The children have chosen their own piece of furniture, and then thought of a special magical power that it might have.

Recent maths work in Year 1 has involved the children looking at different shapes. Our main learning intention has to be able to identify some new shapes, as well as to look out for repeating patterns.

Finally it is worth mentioning the trips to the Dulwich Wildlife Centre that both classes will be enjoying before the end of the half term. This visit is related to our class research looking at growth and living things.




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