Year 2 Summer Term Activities


The Year 2 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been working on solving some very challenging maths problems. The children have been introduced to the idea of two step word problems.

An example of this might be: John buys 12 pencils one day. The next day he buys 7. He gives 3 to a friend. How many pencils are left?

A large part of this learning is to read carefully through each step in the question, and then to work out exactly what is being asked. This requires a level of logical thinking from the pupils.

Our English work in Year 2 will soon start to explore the BFG by Roal Dahl. This September will be the 100th anniversary since Dahl was born. Year 2 have already carried out plenty of work based on the Twits book. Our next focus will be the BFG.

Character descriptions will play an important part here. The children will be asked to look at how Dahl goes about introducing the reader to his characters. We will then be asking the Year 2 pupils to create their own characters, and to describe them using some of the techniques used by the great author.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the children have been preparing for a trip to the nearby St Peter’s Church in Walworth. We have already researched the religion of Islam in great detail as part of the RE curriculum. Christianity is the next major world religion that the children will be researching.

Finally it is worth mentioning the trip to the Horniman Museum that Year 2 will be taking during the final week of teaching before the half term break. The children will be able to explore the extensive puppet collection that can be found at the Museum. We will be attending a workshop to learn about what can be achieved with puppets.

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