Year 3 Weslandia Literacy Video

Year 3 have started their new English topic based around our class reading book of Weslandia. This is a new story for most of the children. It contains some very thoughtful ideas, and plenty of opportunities for creativity.

Weslandia tells the story of a young boy who doesn’t have any friends. Instead he uses his imagination to create his own civilisations. Characters and locations are formed. The boy gets to experience some magical adventures in his new civilisations.

The Year 3 pupils have been giving plenty of thought about creating their own unique civilisations. We have been thinking about a suitable setting, and then adding in some characters. Each pupil has been asked to provide plenty of descriptive text.

This work has then developed into a piece of English writing. The pupils have been asked to write a newspaper report based on their new civilisations. These need to contain factual information, as well as being presented in a chronological order.

You can find out a little more about this Year 3 work by watching the short video above.





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