Year 4 Digestive System Science Experiments


Year 4 have been carrying out a series of experiments themed around our current science topic of the human digestive system. The pupils have been keen to learn about the impact that different acidic drinks on our digestive system.

Juice and Coke were used for the first experiment. The juice was a very pure, healthy drink, whilst the Coke was very acidic. Each fluid was placed inside a zipped locked bag. Bread and crackers were added.

Both bags replicated our digestive system after either juice or Coke has been drunk, with the bread and crackers resembling a light snack. The bags were both then observed over the same period of time, so as to reflect a fair test.

We soon found that the bag containing the Coke started to change the solids into a mush. This was evidence as to what happens inside our own digestive system if we have an acidic drink. The bag containing the juice didn’t mush up the solids to the same extent.

A second experiment involved baby food being pushed along a clingfilm wrap. This was to replicate what happens inside our own small intestines. Once again the pupils were able to see how our food is broken down and mushed up.

Both of these experiments have generated a great deal of interest from the Year 4 pupils. They have enjoyed the hands on element of learning. The experiments have also been recorded in our science books.

The next science topic that Year 4 will be learning about is the different type of teeth in the human mouth, and what specific role each type of tooth plays.

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