Year 5 Trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory


Sarah-Jane’s Year 5 class recently had a great trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory. We have just started our new science topic learning about the earth and space. The trip to Greenwich was a useful introduction.

It also proved to be fantastic timing as well. Our day out at the Observatory just happened to coincide with the planet Mercury transiting the sun. This is an occurrence that takes place only once every 32 years!

The Year 5 students were invited to view this historic event using some of the high powered telescopes that are used at the Observatory. It was explained to the students the importance of safety. The sun didn’t appear as yellow, as this would be too powerful for our eyes.

Another highlight of the trip was being able to see the Great Equatorial Telescope. This is one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. A workshop also followed, explaining to the pupils a little more about the planets.

Our final treat for the day was a spectacular planet show that took place at the Greenwich Planetarium. The Year 5 pupils were able to view in close detail the solar system, and to get a better sense about the relationship between the planets.



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