Year 6 Successfully Complete SATS Week 2016


The Year 6 teaching team would like to that all of the students for the mature manner in which they went about SATS Week 2016. This can be a difficult period for both pupils and staff. With plenty of careful planning, we are pleased to announce that SATS Weeks 2016 was a smooth experience for all.

The students took six papers in total: three for maths, and three for English. These were taken over a four day period. We also welcomed into our school a special guest from Ofsted who was keen to learn about how we approach SATS Week at Michael Faraday School.

This was the first year of SATS since the introduction of the new National Curriculum. It has meant that the Year 6 students have had a shorter period in which to learn all of the knowledge that is assessed as parts of SATS.

It is far too early to pass comment on the learning levels achieved. The papers are now sent to an external marker. We are expecting to receive the results before the end of term in July.

Both Year 6 classes were rewarded with a surprise bowling trip at Elephant and Castle the day after the last exam. Attention will soon turn towards the School Journey after the half term break. Finally the prestigious Year 6 play will take up the remainder of the learning time for our Year 6 students.

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