Nursery Children Look Forward to Vauxhall Farm Trip


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School have been very sad to say farewell to the baby chicks that we helped to hatch. The children have partnered up with the Year 5 pupils to care for 14 eggs, all of which hatched into baby chicks.

These have now been handed over safely to our friends at Vauxhall City Farm where they will be looked after as they grow into adult chickens. The Nursery children will soon have the chance to visit our baby chicks though with a trip to Vauxhall City Farm planned after the half term break.

This had been a topic that has fascinated the Nursery children. They have enjoyed looking at how different animals are born, and then how they all grow. The children were very dedicated when it came to caring for the baby chicks.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and the children have been busy with their maths learning. We have been reading The Doorbell Rang. This is a book that helps Early Years maths learning.

We would also like to remind parents and carers of the importance of practicing phonics on a daily basis back at home. These are the key sounds that lead to word and sound recognition. We have a special phonics page set up on the school website that you might find useful.

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