Nursery Children Stage Successful Come Dine With Me


The Nursery children recently staged a highly successful Come Dine With Me event for our parents and carers. The children have been preparing snacks in the Nursery for a number of weeks now. It is an activity that they have shown tremendous enthusiasm for.

We thought that this enjoyment of cooking could be used to welcome parents and carers into our school. The teaching staff wanted this to be a very social occasion.

Come Dine With Me sessions took place over a number of different days. The children took it in turns to serve their parents and carers. The two main dishes prepared were healthy pasta meals with a courgette and lemon dish complimenting a tomato pasta serving.

Rainbow fruit kebabs were carefully prepared by the Nursery children as a desert. Different shaped surprise pastry was also available on our menu.

The events were staged to try and resemble the Come Dine With Me TV programme as closely as possible. The Nursery children helped to prepare flower arrangements and a menu. The table cloths were designed by the children.

This project has been the culmination of the food tech learning in the Nursery for the current school year. The children have progressed well in picking up skills such as chopping and grating.

We would like to thank the many parents and carers who were able to attend our Come Dine With Me Sessions. We are hopeful of repeating this exercise on future dates.

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