Year 2 Improve Typing Skills During ICT Sessions


Recent ICT sessions in Year 2 at Michael Faraday School have seen the children focus on improving their keyboard skills. The pupils have been using keyboards in the school since they started Nursery. Class teachers Sarah and Elspeth are now keen for the children to learn to touch type, rather than use single fingers.

Various games have been played on the school laptops to help improve the typing speeds of the pupils. The 2Type software has been a great resource for this learning. This is a core skill to learn as we integrate ICT across all areas of the curriculum at Michael Faraday School.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the children have just completed a maths investigation about height and length. The challenge was set to see who could build the tallest standing tower out of two sheets of tabloid newspaper and some masking tape.

This was an exercise that required plenty of teamwork. Pairs of pupils had to share ideas to try and come up with a design that would be able to stand strong on its own. Perseverance was also required; not all of the towers were able to stand for very long.

The winning entry was then measured at an amazing 164 cm! We learnt how the base and foundations of the tower were strong, allowing it stand so high without falling down.




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