Y2 Monitor Progress on Michael Faraday Vegetable Wall


The Year 2 children at Michael Faraday School have successfully planted and cultivated a living vegetable wall. Work started on this project in the school gardens just over a month ago. We now have a full harvest to show for all of our hard work!

The main aim behind the living vegetable wall was to learn how to look after plants and vegetables. We also thought that it would be a useful way in which to source some local foods such as tomatoes, radishes and mint.

Both classes have been taking it in turns to water the different vegetable each day. We made sure that they were placed in a sunny section of the school playground that was also secluded.

This work has also involved an element of maths learning. The Year 2 pupils have been regularly measuring the length of growth for each vegetable plant, and then recording this data in their science books.

Regular observation sessions have involved the children looking to see what has changed, and to offer up an explanation as to why these changes might have taken place. Sketches of the plants have also been kept in our science books.











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