Year 4 Spanish, Maths and Literacy Learning


The Year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have been making some steady progress with their weekly Spanish learning. The children have been learning some introductory meet and greet phrases, as well as the Spanish numbers from one to ten. These sessions have been carried out with plenty of enthusiasm, as you can hear in the recording below!

Elsewhere in Year 4 and the pupils have had a recent push on learning their times tables. The 11 and 12 times tables have been the recent focus, as well as consolidation of the other times tables that we should all now be familiar with.

Literacy work in Year 4 has involved the pupils learning about fronted adverbials. This is the name given to an English technique that starts with a verb, and then leads to an adverb.

Examples might include: “Last week went to the dentist,” or “as soon as he could, Tom jumped on the train.”

Each class member has produced their own piece of writing containing examples of fronted adverbials.

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