Nursery Vauxhall City Farm Trip

The Nursery children had a fantastic trip to Vauxhall City Farm after the half term break. One of the main reasons for visiting was to check on the growth and progress of the chicks that we hatched before half term in the Michael Faraday Nursery.

The children were also able to see many other animals at the farm. We set the challenge for the day of deciding which animals we might normally find on a farm, and which animals might live elsewhere.

The large millipedes were especially popular. The children were able to handle these carefully. A book documenting our visit to Vauxhall City Farm is currently being put together.

The Nursery children will be researching different types of animals growth over the coming weeks. We will be looking at babies and their mother relationships involving different animals. The task will be to match the correct baby with the right mother.




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