Year 1 Focus on Phonics


The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have spent the first week back after the half term break refreshing their phonics knowledge. This refers to the sounds that different combination of letters make. They are the building blocks for our future English learning.

Some fun games have been set up by the teaching staff to help develop the phonics understanding. One game involves a selection of letter cards being chosen by the children. Some of the words are real, some are rubbish words.

The challenge is for each class member to decide if their card shows a real word or not. If it is a recognised word then it is placed in a special box. A rubbish word goes in the bin.

The children are asked to sound out the start of each word. A sentence is also offered that contains the word. This helps the children to understand the sounds, as well as the use of the word.

Other phonics activities in Year 1 have involved the children playing various phonics games on the school laptops. Software is used that encourages the class members to listen out for similar sounding words.

Our English work in Year 1 has also involved the children reading the book Stanley’s Stick. We have just started this following the half term break. The children are learning about the main characters, and carrying out some written work based on these.






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