Nursery Children Prepare for Reception Transition


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday are starting to prepare for their transition as Reception children in September. This has been a very busy introductory year for the new starters with plenty of learning and fun activities.

Our maths learning for this term has involved the children carrying out some counting using the numicon blocks. Some simple addition sums have been completed. This is the early stages of number bond learning, a theme that will then continue in the Reception classes.

Maths skills were also used as we headed out on an end of term picnic to the nearby Faraday Gardens. The Nursery children helped to prepare the snacks for the picnic. It was important that the right amount of food was placed in each lunchbox. The children counted as they went along.

Our final Nursery activity for the summer term will see the children stage their very own festival! Rather than stage an end of year assembly, the teaching staff thought that it would be a good idea instead to hold an outdoor celebration to showcase all of our learning throughout the school year.

The children have been helping to decide which games we will be playing, the type of food and drinks that will be served, and some of the entertainment that we would like to see. All parents and carers are of course invited to come and share in our Nursery Festival. It will be held on 12th and 14th July.









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