Preparing for the New Reception Children


The Reception class teachers at Michael Faraday are looking forward to welcoming the new starters who will soon be joining our school community. Class teachers Catherine and Emily have been busy with a series of home visits. These help the pupils to feel confident when they attend our school for the first time.

The early weeks of learning will involve activities designed to help PSED – Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The children will be given plenty of help to understand the Reception class rules. We will be asking the children to make some suggestions as to what these might involve.

The teaching staff will also be working to make sure that each new starter feels happy with the school routine. This can include details such as knowing where we need to sit when we are learning, and when play and lunch time activities take place.

Plus hopefully the first few weeks will be spent just generally getting to know a little more about new friends. We have asked the children to prepare some holidays posters at home. These will be used to help class discussions about what we did on our school holidays.

The children will also be taking part in the Fill Your Bucket activity. This is an abstract game where ideas about behaviour are placed in our buckets. The aim is to help the children to understand how we should all behave towards one another.

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