Setting Goals for the New Year 6 Students


Year 6 have been busy setting their goals for the busy new school year ahead at Michael Faraday School. This is an important final year for the pupils, leading to the SATS exams that will take place in May 2017. To achieve our full potential then early goals need to be set, and a strategy has to be formulated to help achieve these aims.

This work started with a class discussion about why all need to keep on setting goals. It was agreed that this helps everyone to continue with their own personal development.

The next stage was for each pupil to think about what they would like to achieve before they leave Michael Faraday School. Some of the students referred to their previous test results. It was a brave step to accept that some subjects might not be quite as strong as others. This is where the focus needs to be for future learning.

These goals were then set out in a spider diagram. This helped the students to see some possible connections between different ideas, and how they might overlap. A strategy was then developed to help Year 6 be a highly successful year for all students.

The final part of this project was to write these ideas up as a learning document. You can listen to a couple of the Year 6 pupils explain their ideas in the short recording below.

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