Year 1 Make Successful Transition to Key Stage 1


Both Year 1 classes have made a promising start as part of their transition from Early Years learning to Key Stage 1. The first few weeks of the new autumn term will be spent with some transitional play. This involves a mixture of play and learning to help the pupils settle in.

Our first few days in Year 1 has seen the children learning about the expectations that we have as Key Stage 1 pupils. Class teachers Zoe and Kelly have been helping the pupils to understand about school assemblies, a different school timetable and adjusting to a formal classroom situation.

Each class member has already completed work on a colourful personal birthday balloon. The aim here was to decorate a paper balloon with a picture of each pupil and a choice of materials. The date of our birthdays was also included in the design.

The first class reading book of the new school year will be Traction Man. This will introduce the children to the idea of super heroes. This is a theme that will then continue during maths lessons in Year 1.






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