Welcome to the New School Year at Michael Faraday


The new term at Michael Faraday School has seen the pupils and staff return with plenty of enthusiasm for the learning and activities that will take place over the coming months. The first few days have involved a settling in period, and a reminder of the high expectations that we have for all children.

The Nursery and Reception staff have been busy with a series of home visits in preparation for the new children who will shortly be joining our school community. We look forward to sharing their Michael Faraday experiences throughout the new term on the school website.

The school is also very pleased to welcome some new teaching staff as we continue to develop our learning. Annette is one of the new class teachers in the Nursery. We are pleased to welcome Rafiat as a Year 1 teacher. Nicole is teaching in Year 4, and we also welcome Sam to Year 5 and Rebecca to Year 6.

Some very promising early observations have been made by some of the new staff. The outstanding pupil behaviour and the attention to learning have both been commented upon. We are confident that our new teaching staff will be able to continue with this tradition.

All teaching staff have been planning the learning and activities that will be taking place over the coming weeks. Some exciting school trips are currently being finalised to help supplement the classroom learning.

We would like to wish all students and staff a highly successful new school year.

Welcome back everyone!

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