Year 3 Come up with a New Set of Classroom Rules


Year 3 have been settling into Key Stage 2 by thinking about how we can make our learning space a productive classroom. The children have been coming up with a series of rules that will help us all to achieve as high as possible throughout the new school year.

Once we had agreement on the rules the next step was to place these into some form of order. The pupils were asked to consider which rules are the most important and need to be near to the top of our list.

This activity then developed into some handwriting practise. One of the key themes at Michael Faraday School for the new school year is everyone within our community to focus on joined up handwriting. Year 3 presented their rules with some neat handwriting posters.

Other learning activities during these first few days of the autumn term have involved the Year 3 pupils calculating some complex maths tasks. Each class member was asked to work out how many months they have so far been alive. We were quite surprised by the results!



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