Year 4 use Teamwork to Help Solve Practical Problems

Some terrific teamwork has already taken place during the first few days of the new autumn term in Year 4 at Michael Faraday School. Teamwork is going to be one of the key early themes. Class teachers Sophie and Nicole have been helping the children to understand why this is so important if we want to achieve together as a class.

This work started off with a class conversation to help brainstorm some ideas. The children were asked: what makes good teamwork? It soon became clear that a strong team is a team that is able to use the different talents of all of the members.

The challenge was then set to complete a practical task working together as a team. A pyramid needed to be built using plastic cups. The only rule was that we were unable to use our hands to help build this.

The different teams used a combination of string and elastic bands to help secure each cup. The four team members needed to work closely together to meet their objectives.

This work finished off with a poster being designed to help demonstrate some of the teamwork ideas. The pupils explained how we can co-operate, and why sharing is so important.






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