New Starters Welcomed to Reception


We are very pleased to welcome some new starters to the Michael Faraday Reception classes. All staff and children have been helping our new friends to settle into the routine of the Reception school day.

One of our early learning activities has been to play games based around the Fill Your Bucket book. This has the aim of helping the children to share Reception resources, and to be kind to one another.

We have also all enjoyed looking at the All About Me posters that the children produced as part of their summer homework. These are wonderful collages displaying some fantastic photos about our home and family life.

The All About Me posters are used by the teaching staff as a stimulus to help develop communication. The Reception children are asked to describe who is in the photos, and to share amongst their friends any memories from the scene.

Finally it is worth mentioning the phonics progress that the Reception children have made so far this term. Phonics are the key blending of letters that make the sounds of the words that we use.

The children have been starting most mornings playing a series of phonics games. One example is the phonics Treasure Chest game. Each class member is asked to read out a simple word. We have to decide if it is a real word or a nonsense word. If it is a real word then it is placed in the treasure chest. Any fake words belong in the bin.

Some of the phonic sounds that the Reception children should now be familiar with include at,as and ap. The children have been sounding out these combinations of letters, and then thinking of an example where they could be used.

It would be wonderful if this learning could continue with any spare time at home. We have a phonics page on our website that explains a little more about the Michael Faraday School approach to phonics learning.


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