Year 3 Antony Brown Acrostic Poetry


The Year 3 children at Michael Faraday School have been gripped by Anthony Brown’s Into the Forest book. This is a mysterious story that starts by showing the picture of a young boy awake in his bed at midnight as the lightening strikes outside.

We have used this powerful image to think about some ideas associated with midnight, and what thoughts might be going through the young boy’s mind. Each class member has written an acrostic piece of poetry. The first letter in each word for each new sentence spells out the word MIDNIGHT.

Year 3 have also been using thesaurus’ to help with this work. We have also looked at the role of adjectives and adverbs in our sentences. The pupils have been reading passages from the text, and then identifying these two types of words.

Finally we would like to congratulate Wayne from Sarah’s Year 3 class after he managed to find the special golden ticket inside a class reading book. As part of the celebrations for Roald Dahl’s 100th anniversary, a gold ticket was hidden inside one reading book for every class at the school. Wayne’s reward is to choose a Roald Dahl book that he will be presented with.

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