Introducing the Michael Faraday Burnet News Club


We are proud to introduce to Michael Faraday School the Burnet News Club. This is an after school club led by class teacher Leanne that aims to explore current affairs issues and develop the debating skills of the students.

The Burnet News Club is part of a wider movement where pupils from other schools can follow a similar programme, and then present and share their ideas online.

Twelve Year 6 Michael Faraday students have been selected to take part in this scheme. A different topic is considered for each half term of the year. The upcoming American Presidential election is the current focus.

The pupils have been researching what are the main policies for the two main candidates contesting the Presidential election. Different activities take place to help gain a better understanding of the agenda. Negotiation and story telling both play important roles.

One of the early Year 6 sessions involved some voice boxing. As the name suggests, this is a friendly activity that takes place in a boxing ring set up in the classroom. The students spar each other with their debating skills.

Thoughts from each session are submitted online at the end of each session via the Burnet News Club website. Other participating schools are also able to read these, as well as offers some feedback.

An awards ceremony will also be taking place at the end of the project in the summer term. The Year 6 students have plenty of learning to complete, but we are optimistic of achieving high!

You can hear some of the early thoughts about this project in the recording below.


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