Nursery Reading and Number Games


The new Nursery children at Michael Faraday School are continuing to settle in well to our school routine throughout the day. Class teachers Deanna and Annette have also started some of the early learning with an introduction to counting and number recognition.

The children have been reading some of the Dr Seuss stories. One of the current favourites is Ten Apples Up on Top. We have been using this story to help with our counting skills.

This then led to a Nursery game involving pictures of an apple tree. Next to each tree was an apple basket with a particular number. Different children were asked to read out the number, and then to use some counting blocks to match the number on the basket.

Similar reading and counting games will continue in the Nursery. One of the key aims for the first half of the term is to help all of the children feel confident when counting from one to ten.





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