Reception Fairytales and Weekly Music Sessions


The Reception children have started their reading topic learning all about fairytales. A different story is being explored each week by the children. One of the key aims here is to help with communication and sentence structure.

The children have been enjoying re-telling stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk. We have used drama to act out the scenes with different props being used. The Reception children have been asked to think about the sequencing of the story.

Our maths learning in Reception will also use some of the fairytale ideas. Our main focus for the first half of the autumn term is repeating patterns. We are hopeful of building a giant beanstalk to help decorate the Reception class. The children will be asked to decorate the tree with leaves arranged in a repeating pattern.

Finally it is also worth mentioning the fun that the Reception children have been having as part of our weekly music sessions with music teacher Billie. Two themes are alternated each week: rhythm and melody.

A recent rhythm session involved the children marching around the school hall in time with some music being played. We were asked by Billie to count our footsteps in patterns of four, as this is what we could hear in the music. Billie explained that this is called a musical pulse.

Different instruments will be introduced to help develop this work. The Reception children will be working with drums, tambourines, claves and maracas.

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