Year 5 World Vegetarian Day Assembly


Joanna’s Year 5 class recently staged a thoughtful school assembly themed around World Vegetarian Day. This is a topic that the pupils have become interested in following their RE research on the Hindu religion.

We have looked at some of the main belief systems that Hindus observe. Year 5 found out that these included reincarnation and not eating meat. A class discussion followed, with the pupils understanding how these two ideas are closely related.

This then led to Joanna’s class asking many questions about vegetarianism. With World Vegetarian Day being celebrated on 1 October, it seemed like the perfect timing to stage a school assembly to explain a little more.

Our assembly started by asking other year groups to define what is meant by being a vegetarian. We came up with the definition of someone who chooses not to eat meat. We also looked at how vegans don’t eat any animals products, such as milk or cheese.

Year 5 then looked at the benefits of having a vegetarian diet. Our research led us to understand how many vegetarians can live longer, as well as the wider idea of not using up all of the world’s food resources.

Each class member then displayed a poster that they had been working on in class. The pupils read out some fact sheets that they had prepared about vegetarianism. One statistic was that the average person will eat 4,500 fish in their lifetime.

The Year 5 assembly concluded with some of the personal thoughts from the pupils about vegetarianism. Some pupils were in favour of not eating meat, whilst others were happy to continue with their meat diet. Our main message was that it is your own personal lifestyle choice.

You can listen to a selection of Joanna’s Year 5 pupils talking about their research and assembly in the recording below.






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