Little Red Hiding Hood in the Michael Faraday Nursery


The Nursery children have started work on reading Little Red Riding Hood – our first story book as Michael Faraday pupils. The children have been understanding what happens at each stage in the story

Class teachers Deanna and Annette have been helping each class member to re-tell the story in the correct order. Plenty of acting has also taken place. The Nursery children have enjoyed dressing up as the different characters.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and the children have been exploring 2D shapes as part of our maths learning. Different shapes have been identified by the number of sides that they have, as well as by looking at the corners.

Free time in the Nursery is also one of the popular activities. The children are encouraged to choose independently the activities that they enjoy playing with.

We have many indoor and outdoor resources in the Nursery. Activities include white board games, painting, and playing together on some of the Nursery musical instruments.



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