Y1 Explore Movement with Maths and PE Combination

The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have been combining their maths learning with some PE fun. Class teachers Zoe and Kelly have introduced the pupils to the idea of Positional Rotation Games. These involve using our maths knowledge to complete PE activities.

Different movement instructions were given out by the teaching staff. These included a quarter turn, a half turn and a full turn. The children were asked to walk around the school gym, and then when the tambourine was shaken to then listen out for the positional instruction.

Some new vocabulary and instructions were then added. The Year 1 children were asked to explain what is meant by phrases such as on top, behind, around, next to, inside and outside.

A beanbag was also introduced to this game. The children were asked to move around the gym, and then place the beanbag on a part of their body, depending on the instruction. An example might be: “Beanbags on top of your head!

Finally some hoops were added to the gym floor. The maths vocabulary was now extended with instructions such as in-between or next to. The maths and PE combination was plenty of fun, as you can see in the short video above.










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